Fastest Growing City for the Next 20 Years

If you think Austin looks different than it did in 1991, then get ready for another massive transformation. In the next 25-years, Austin’s population will double according to research from the American City Business Journals.

By 2040, Austin is projected to reach 4 million residents, which is basically double its current 2 million population and will be the largest percentage increase in the entire US!

Some of the statistics are pretty amazing:

  • Austin will outpace Denver’s growth by over 600,000 during this same timeframe. The two cities will be very similar in size by 2040.
  • Austin will be larger in population than San Antonio by over 300,000.
  • Five of the fastest ten growing cities during this time will be in Texas. (Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and McAllen).

Austin population growth

This is obviously good news for anyone looking to invest in real estate and land in central Texas as the population increase will likely outpace supply unless developers and builders somehow over estimate or misjudge the market. There are also market disruptions that can happen at any time that could jeopardize this explosive growth, but it appears Austin will be a profitable place to invest for many years to come.

Please see the link to the story and slide show of the top 10 fastest growing cities.